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Greater Louisiana Baptist Convention

Greater Louisiana Baptist Convention

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Our Mission

The mission of the Convention is to Empower Kingdom Growth by assisting and encouraging affiliated churches and associations to fulfill the Great Commission as given by our Lord in Matthew 28:19-20.

Vision Statement

With compassion for spiritually lost people and anticipation of Jesus return we will work cooperatively with local churches and associations and other partners to:
  • Strengthen existing churches in fulfilling their biblical purpose, our job will be to empower church leaders to do the work of ministry in the local church. Therefore we will work to teach, equip and train church leaders with proven resources to build up the body of Christ
  • Send believers into local state, national and world mission fields to proclaim the Gospel and serve others in the name of Christ, and
  • Encourage and support Christian education, we believe the key to growing the church and Connecting people is christian Education. Accordingly, we will reaffirm our commitment to assist churches to minister effectively with this proven foundational cornerstone
  • Stimulate stewardship among churches so that God's resources flow faithfully and generously through His people to His worldwide redemptive mission
  • Excellence; we believe that our Lord deserves our best in all that we do, therefore, we will seek to serve Him and others with the highest possible degree of excellence. Each congregation is an independent unit, but has a covenantal relationship with the others and with the wider church. The Convention will assist churches who are seeking pastors, oversee students who are preparing for ministry, will be a resource for pastors and congregations, plan various programmatic events, administer a budget (supported by assessments from church, associations and individuals).
Greater Louisiana Baptist Convention

Our Focus

The 2023 focus will be on WORSHIP which is designed to strengthen our personal and corporate worship experiences.

There are three words that describe the purpose of this focus:
Greater Louisina Baptist ConventionAtmosphere
Greater Louisina Baptist ConventionAffection
Greater Louisina Baptist ConventionAttraction
Greater Louisiana Baptist Convention

About GLBC

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Welcome to the Greater Louisiana Baptist Convention, a dynamic and inclusive community of believers rooted in love and faith. With a rich history of transformative outreach, we are dedicated to empowering lives, fostering unity, and making a positive impact across the state. Join us in our mission to spread the Gospel, embrace diversity, and create a brighter future together.

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